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Sofa: 77″W x 38″H x 37″D
Loveseat: 54″W x 38″H x 37″D
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11 reviews for Ruby

Sophie French

Ruby as the name suggests is a perfect pick for anyone who is looking at a quality sofa for their small size apartment. Looking forward to buy one more from Gardena Sofa.

Sophia Perez

When I reached Gardena Sofa’s showroom I found Ruby exactly what I was looking for. But I wanted some other color and I was disappointed. Then they said no worries we can customize it as you like it and I was so exited to know that. I got Ruby in the color I wanted and a big thank you to Gardena Sofa for that.

Julia Bell

Ruby is as simple in structure and breath-taking beautiful in appearance. A great addition for my home. Gardena Sofa is definitely a commendable place for furniture.

Lauren Simmons

Fully assembled Ruby was delivered to my place quite comfortably. The delivery guys made sure that my walls didn’t get any scratches from this couch. Amazed with the delivery service and its affordability

Gary Brewer

“My apartment is neither too big nor too small so I was searching for an ideal couch. My mother has asked me to buy a couch from Gardena Sofa. This was the best furniture shopping experience. Ruby is a fascinating couch that rules on my heart. Its charisma has compelled me to go for it. Love the fabric and its mechanism

Wayne Collins

Great experience at this store. The staff made sure to answer little questions and knew their sofa stuff! So happy to have discovered a place where customization is entirely possible and customer service is courteous and satisfactory.

David Eric

Whether you are looking for L-sectional or U-sectional sofa this store will neither disappoint you nor let you go empty-handed. The whole staff is very cooperative and helped me a lot in finding the perfect and visually alluring couch. I am delighted with the purchase of Ruby.

Jack Albertson

Fully assembled Ruby was delivered to my place within the time they promised. Amazed by the product quality and great customer support from the company.

Lawanda Fox

Ruby looks jaw-dropping in my office area. Its fabric is very soft and the structure is well built looks quite durable. Comfort level is at peak.

Melissa Bacon

Gardena Sofa has a comprehensive array of couches. I have chosen Ruby from there and now my office lobby looks much more beautiful and complete than before.

Lucas Harrison

I have bought Ruby and it completely fits my requirement for luxury within my concerned budget. The look of the whole room has reached another level of the beauty. Will recommend this site to anyone who wants an elegant couch.

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